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Why should you partner with FreshRx?

We can help you address social determinants of health like food insecurity, access to equitable health care, and financial barriers for your patients living with Type 2 Diabetes.

The program is free for you and your patients living in North Tulsa.

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FreshRx healthcare providers

How does FreshRx work?

What can you expect?

Patient Support

It can be difficult for anyone to stay compliant with doctor’s orders, let alone those living with food insecurity and poverty. We get patients the nutrient-dense food they need to be back in control of their disease.

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Health Equity

We help you meet your health equities goals by working with your North Tulsa patients to get them the care, food, education, and services they need to keep their disease risk factors in check.

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Patient Resources

In addition to care, we also provide help with accessing free/low-cost wifi, programs that cover health care fees like co-pays, supplemental grocery vouchers, and other resources.

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What are the benefits?

Improved Health Outcomes

Our program targets key risk factors like blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and weight. On average, our patients see a 2.2% decrease in A1c levels and 13 point reduction in blood pressure.

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Reduced Rx Dependency

When patients eat healthier, they’re dependence on expensive medications (and the docs who order them) decreases, empowering better disease self-management.

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Reduced ER Visits

Controlled diabetes leads to fewer emergencies—and corresponding ER use—saving the health care system thousands. And bonus, FreshRx patients are less likely to miss their regular clinical visits as well.

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Patients find the most success in the FreshRx model if they've got...

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A way to store fruits and vegetables
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Working kitchen appliances
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Transportation to get to and from classes
Already a FreshRx Provider? Download these helpful forms:
PDF of food prescription formThis is a link to the English language patient flyer.This is a link to the Spanish language patient flyer.

Our Providers

Community Health Connection Logo

Community Health Connection has a mission to utilize collaborative and integrated approaches to provide health care and support services to the medically needy. They provide primary and preventive health services for low-income, uninsured and underinsured families in the Northeast Oklahoma area, focusing on the increasing need within the Hispanic community.

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Crossover Health Services logo

Crossover Health Services is a Christian organization committed to living out Christ’s compassion, dignity, and healing in the community through faith-based health care.

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Life Pace clinic logo

LIFE PACE coordinates and provides all needed preventive, primary, acute and long-term care services so that older adults can continue living safely in their home or community.

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Oak St Health Logo

Oak Street Health specializes in helping older adults stay healthy and live life more fully. Our innovative care model goes beyond typical primary care to provide patients with comprehensive preventive care, including personalized wellness plans, integrated health services, and educational and social activities.

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Tulsa Dream Center logo

Through partnerships with St. John Health System and Good Samaritan Health Services, the Tulsa Dream Center’s medical clinic provides free primary care and helps secure free prescriptions every month for the uninsured.

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