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Erin Martin speaking at the U.S. Congress Subcommittee on Primary Health

Feeding a Healthier America: Current Efforts and Potential Opportunities for Food is Medicine

Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security

FreshRx participants picking up free, fresh produce.

GUSNIP Grantee Spotlight—FreshRx Oklahoma

In 2021, Erin Martin founded FreshRx Oklahoma, a Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP)-funded produce prescription program (PRx) that partners with primary care clinics while sourcing from local, regenerative farmers.

KTLU Anchor Person

A 'prescription' for free, locally grown produce helps combat diabetes, food insecurity

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Could a ‘prescription’ for free fruits and vegetables improve health? North Tulsa nonprofit, FreshRX Oklahoma, fills prescriptions for locally grown fruits and vegetables to help combat heart problems and obesity-related diseases.

Can a 'prescription' for free fruits and vegetables improve health? Study after study say yes.

A growing number of programs in the U.S. give people batches of produce as a way to combat heart problems and obesity-related disease.

Local nonprofit providing free fresh produce to those with type 2 diabetes in north Tulsa

NORTH TULSA, Okla. — FreshRX is a nonprofit food subscription for north Tulsans who have type 2 diabetes, do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables and are looking to live a healthier lifestyle all for free.

Farmers holding fresh produce

Cultivating Wellness: Farm-to-Pharmacy Movement Opens New Markets for Producers

Vegetable farmer Rachel Summers began her regenerative journey with an actual road trip that started by selling her house and buying a van to travel across the country to work on farms and learn from other producers.

Erin Martin speaks with FreshRx patient

FreshRx Oklahoma: Produce Prescription Program Spotlight

FreshRx Oklahoma provides low-income type 2 diabetes patients who have especially high A1C levels with free boxes of produce every two weeks for a year. The program serves predominantly Black and Native American residents.

Erin Martin and FreshRx patient cooking together

Food as Medicine

Gerontologist Erin Martin noticed a correlation between seniors’ chronic health problems and the degraded soil that produces most of our food. She noted the latter contributes to people’s poor diets, and she has been working toward a solution.

New Program Helps Provide Fresh Produce to Tulsa Families with Type 2 Diabetes

A Tulsa family says access to locally grown fruits and vegetables is improving their health. Participants in the Fresh RX Food Program tell News On 6's Sawyer Buccy in just 19 weeks they are already seeing lowered A1C levels. Welcome to Debra Cooper's Kitchen.

People holding produce all together at the FreshRx kick-off

FreshRx 'Food is Medicine' Program Aims to Help North Tulsans with Diabetes

"We know that in Tulsa county the life expectancy of someone living in south Tulsa is roughly 10 and a half to 11 years longer than someone living in north Tulsa,” said Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper of district one.

Erin Martin and team serving fresh produce to patients at FreshRx kick-off

Free, Fresh & Local: New Program Serving Food, Education to Tulsans with Type 2 Diabetes

In a couple of months, 50 people with Type 2 diabetes and high A1C levels will start receiving a box of fresh food every two weeks for a year as part of a program called Tulsa FreshRX.

People holding green produce, lettuce, and beets

New Program Serving Meals, Schooling to Tulsans with Sort 2 Diabetes

In a few months, 50 people with type 2 diabetes and high A1C levels will be given a box of fresh groceries every two weeks for a year through a program called Tulsa FreshRX. Every two weeks a box of free, fresh, local, and nutritious food and a tablet full of cooking classes and food education that don’t require WiFi to access.

Closeup of man holding onions

Tulsa Area Farmers Working Hard to Provide Fresh Produce for Those in Need

Local farmers are working around the clock to do something good for families participating in the Fresh RX Program. "Everything is just growing and flourishing," said Tulsa Farmer Earl Stripling. This North Tulsa backyard is Earl Stripling's sanctuary.