What is FreshRx?

A free service that helps people living in North Tulsa manage their Type 2 Diabetes. By joining our 12-month program, we’ll help lower your A1c level, lose weight, and reach other health goals too.

Ofrecemos alimentos frescos y educación gratuita en español a pacientes que viven con diabetes tipo 2. ¡Completa la breve solicitud hoy mismo!

Erin Martin gives a FreshRx patient free, organic produce.

How does FreshRx work?

What can you expect?

Fresh Produce

Every two weeks, we’ll have local, organically-grown fruits and vegetables ready for pick up at a nearby spot in North Tulsa. We'll even provide recipes and instructions on how to prepare these nutritious foods.

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You can choose from up to four classes offered monthly. We'll teach you how to choose and cook foods that support your health. Learn lifestyle choices that reduce your risk of health complications from diabetes. View this month's schedule >

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Every quarter, we’ll do free health screenings to look at things like weight, blood pressure, and A1c levels and see how your body is reacting. We’ll even help you talk with your doctor!

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What are the benefits?

Better Health Outcomes

Because food is medicine, when you eat a nutritious diet, you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel. You can lower your A1c level, lose weight, improve your blood pressure, and more.

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More Confidence

When you know which foods are good for you and what to do with them, you’ll be confident in the choices you make. You’ll know what your body needs to stay healthy and feel good.

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More Empowerment

The more information you have about what’s good for you, the better you can manage your diabetes. And when you have access to foods that give you the nutrients you need, you'll want to take what you eat into your own hands.

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What you'll learn

Our team of local doctors, nurses, nutritionists, chefs, and mental health professionals teach on an array of topics, including diabetes-specific and general health information. We’ll focus on teaching you seven core behaviors that’ll give you a better chance of controlling your diabetes and improving your quality of life.

During your year with us, we’ll practice problem solving, making informed decisions, and reinforcing self-care. After you graduate, you’ll have the tools to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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Blood Sugar
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The people behind Tulsa FreshRx believe food is medicine and I hope the program continues to expand over the years.

—FreshRx Patient
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It feels great to know that you’ve got fresh vegetables and fruit coming in and it should change the way people eat to have these fresh vegetables and fruits.

—FreshRx Patient
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Praise report—A1c went from 10.6 to 7.5!!!!

—FreshRx Patient
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This morning, I learned my A1c is a 6.6!! I’m so over the moon with this! Transitioning from so much meat and carbs to learn how to eat and cook with veg has been very eye opening. It takes time, but we can do it!

—FreshRx Patient
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Over the one-year program, my A1c dropped 3 points to 6.8%. Thanks, FreshRx!

—FreshRx Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FreshRx Cost?

The program is absolutely free of cost to all participants.

How long is the program?

FreshRx is a 12-month program. Your program year begins at the next available food distribution date.

Do I have to have diabetes to participate?

Yes, you must have Type 2 Diabetes to be a FreshRx patient.

Can I watch the streaming classes even without being a member of FreshRx?

Yes, you can watch our classes on YouTube or through the Tulsa City County Library. Just ask at the front desk.

Where do we pick up our food?

At the North Tulsa Health Department (5635 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) between 9:30am and 11:30am every other Wednesday. You can always text us for the address.

What happens after we finish the program?

Our goal is to help you feel empowered to continue making healthy food choices after the program year is up. We’re always here to answer questions you may have once you’ve graduated. As you transition out of FreshRx, we’ll connect you to retailers who sell fresh produce, including the Tulsa Farmers market. If you haven’t already, we’ll also help you apply to Hunger Free Oklahoma, a service that doubles SNAP (food stamp) benefits for healthier food purchases (up to $20/day). Finally, you may also be eligible to re-enroll in the program. Ask us for more details.