Are you a farmer looking to sell more produce and grow your crop offerings? We’d love to work with you!

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Why should you partner with FreshRx?

North Tulsa is a well-recognized food desert. By partnering with farmers to increase the kinds and amounts of crops you raise, we help you grow your capacity and customer base while supporting a community in need.
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FreshRx farmer partners delivering fresh produce.

How does FreshRx work?

What can you expect?

Bulk CSA Purchasing

We support our farms by purchasing bulk produce on a monthly basis at market rates. This gives you revenue you can depend on and helps with yearly planning.

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Exposure to New Markets

We'll connect you to new and different markets where you'll develop relationships to sell more of the food you grow.

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Technical Assistance

We’ve got tons of resources to support our farmers. Whether it be new growing techniques, helping with operations, labor, or acquiring new equipment, we’ll get you the assistance you need to thrive.

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What are the benefits?

Improved Sustainability

Because we buy in bulk from our farmers, you’ll have steady revenue you can depend on, increasing your ability to plan for and sustain your farm.

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Diversified Crops

One way we help our farmers expand their operations is through diversifying what they grow. When you expand what you grow, you can serve more and different markets.

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You'll also get access to new markets and techniques with the goal of helping to expand farm operations, sell more, and employ more help.

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Our Farmers

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The 8th St. Urban Farm is primarily concerned with increasing access to locally grown healthy produce for the economically disadvantaged of the community, to reestablish a deeper connection with food and with each other that we have lost over time, and to actively and tenderly care for our planet through the practices of regenerative agriculture.

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Since 2017, Abundant Microgreens has set the standard for quality and consistency for Tulsa grown microgreens. They use filtered water, organic soil, and a climate controlled indoor greenhouse to produce flavorful, colorful, and nutritious microgreens. They hand sow and water all their products with tender-loving care. More than a business, it’s a labor of love.

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Avery Acres, owned and operated by Matt Turpin, is a farm based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a focus on bio intensive agricultural practices, the farm is able to produce nutrient dense food while supporting natural ecosystems.

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Family owned and operated by Colby Craig and Meredith Wyatt in Coweta, Oklahoma, Birch Creek Farms is a small scale regenerative family farm seeking to build a healthier, more resilient community.

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Conscious Community is a farmers market and co-op where they bring together farmers to get the community the best possible products! Produce grown organically or beyond, homemade items, garden supplies, plants, seeds, organic fertilizer and much much more.

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Emerson Montessori Foundation’s CSA program producing  seasonal vegetables grown at Emerson Farm, the 1-acre farm on the northwest corner of the Emerson Elementary campus. Every dollar from every member directly supports farm production, allowing the foundation's small team to seed, plant, harvest, and distribute crops all year round and restore the area's natural beauty and biodiversity.

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Candice and Travis Thorburn are a small, no-till produce and cut flower farm focused on nourishing their family of 7, with locally grown nutrient dense foods. They are continuing to grow the sustainability of their farm and venue property. The Thorburn’s love learning along side others by opening their farm through Oklahoma Agriculture tourism.

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Off of Hwy 16 at the historic Fisher Farms, the family has been farming this land for over 100 years. All of their produce is certified organic and grown using sustainable practices such as crop rotation and cover crops to maintain soil fertility and plant health.

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Green Country Permaculture is an ecological consultancy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. they work with property owners and organizations to design and implement ecological solutions on the farm, in the garden and in the classroom.

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Hungry Duck Farm is a small scale farm located on the Keystone Peninsula 30 minutes west of Tulsa. Madden Humphrey is the owner and operator. He uses regenerative farming practices to aid his farm in providing an assortment of veggies including cherry tomatoes, shishito, carrots, beets, arugula, and spinach.

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Joe’s Farm is located in Bixby, Oklahoma on the fertile bottomland of the Arkansas River. They're a certified organic farm and have been growing organically for 30 years. Their commitment to their customer's health and well-being is their priority.

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Natural Freedom Farm is a nonprofit farm located in Chandler, OK. Their mission is to feed children physically, emotionally and spiritually by delivering nutrient dense foods into the hands of children in need across central Oklahoma.

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Resilient Growers is a farm on one acre of land located behind Grogg’s Green Barn. They farm over 30 different varieties of vegetables per year through regenerative farming practices. They also offer consulting for backyard gardens or new farms.

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They are a female run farm in Bixby, Oklahoma. They're obsessed with quality and do their best to grow and make the most nutrient-dense, more-than-organic food possible. Robinson Ranch also works with 40+ other local farmers to give customers more options. Their mission is to make our bodies and our community healthier through food and encouragement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FreshRx Cost?

The program is absolutely free of cost to all participants.

How long is the program?

FreshRx is a 12-month program. But we continue to purchase from you and distribute to our patients on a bi-weekly basis even after the year is complete and for as long as you’d like to remain in the program.

Does my farm have to be in Tulsa County to participate?

No, but we do try to work specifically with farms located within the state of Oklahoma.

Who do we sell our produce to?

FreshRx buys produce directly from you. We then provide that produce free of charge to patients enrolled in our program. As you expand what you grow, we may also find you more customers outside of our patient base to sell to directly.

How do we get our produce to each patient?

You’ll drop off produce to the storage facility every other Tuesday. The following day, we’ll distribute produce to our patients from the North Tulsa Health Department. Any remaining produce is donated to the Tulsa Dream Center.

What happens after the year is up?

Our goal is to help you sustain and grow your farm! We continue to purchase from you and distribute to our patients on a bi-weekly basis even after the year is complete and for as long as you’d like to remain in the program. We can also help you sell any overages to alternative markets.

Not only can you sell fresh produce to local peoples, but you have a much larger impact on their lives than selling at a farmers market.

—FreshRx Farmer

FreshRx has been an excellent vehicle to get food to the community. It offers an opportunity for my farm to gain exposure by providing quality food to people who need it. It also gives me an opportunity to not lose food or have to feed it to my livestock before it goes bad.

—FreshRx Farmer

[FreshRx] has made selling easy by giving us a reliable market so we can focus on growing.

—FreshRx Farmer

Fresh RX is the only reason we are able to grow as much as we do and sell or donate what we can’t consume. So grateful for this organization.

—FreshRx Farmer

As a new farmer, having the financial support of a like-minded community has been huge! We love being a part of this organization. It keeps consistent money flow into our farm and allows us the opportunity to serve our mission in our community.

—FreshRx Farmer

Working with FreshRx has been a game changer! Not only do we get to grow more veggies than we ever have, we also get to see what it does to people's health long term! So rewarding!

—Kat Robinson, Robinson Ranch

Having a market to sell our produce year-round to a population in need of access to nutrient dense food aligns with our mission in so many ways. FreshRx supports our farm by helping us with harvest, cold storage, and seasonal work groups. I believe programs like this are the key to so many community needs.

—Colby Craige, Birch Creek Farms