Join us for Advancing Food is Medicine | Oct 15-16

We partner with local farms to provide free, nutritious produce to Oklahomans living with diabetes.

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For Patients

Get fresh food, cooking classes, health screenings, and more at no cost to you.

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For Farmers

Get support to grow your customer base and expand your crop offerings.

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For Providers

Get nutritious food, classes, and other resources for your patients living with diabetes.

Successfully managing diabetes depends on a lot of things.

Taking your medication, monitoring your blood sugar levels, being physically active, and eating a healthy diet are the keys to success.

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Nutritious food works like medicine for people living with diabetes.

Nutrient dense food stabilizes blood sugar, lowers your blood pressure, and helps to maintain your overall health.

Fresh fruits and veggies can be expensive and hard to find.

In parts of Tulsa, grocery stores are scarce. And where there are stores, fresh produce is often more expensive than processed and packaged foods.

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FreshRx can help!

We’re working to give the entire community access to life-saving foods! Local farmers help us bring free, fresh produce directly to people living with diabetes.

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When we have healthy soil we create healthy plants, fruits, and vegetables, to create healthy humans, a healthy world, a healthy environment, and a healthy community altogether.

—FreshRx Farmer
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Erin Martin and FreshRx are my heroes! I want to thank you for providing fresh veggies and fruits to those with diabetes and to help fight those diseases that plagues our communities.

—FreshRx Supporter
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Over the one-year program, my A1c dropped 3 points to 6.8%. Thanks, FreshRx!

—FreshRx Patient
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This morning, I learned my A1c is a 6.6!! I’m so over the moon! Transitioning from so much meat and carbs to eating and cooking with veg has been very new and eye opening. It takes time, but we can do it!

—FreshRx Patient
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The people behind Tulsa FreshRx believe food is medicine and I hope the program continues to expand over the years.

—FreshRx Patient